Sunday, January 10, 2010

that there.. that's not me

This work/school lifestyle isn't looking too great. I barely have time for a breather. I guess this was a way of punishing myself for using my free time unwisely before, maybe it'll teach me to appreciate it. But I wouldn't want to get sucked into this lifestyle against my will. Cause now I'd have to buy a car and become a slave to that payment. School is expensive enough. Call me cheap, but I give many flying fucks about where my money goes. Which is why I always cringe at restaurant bills - even at Burger King's receipt.

The idea was to choose to spend these 6 months at home instead of traveling so I can develop useful skills like cooking and sewing, and stuff that would save me on the road. Also to finally take those dance/fighting classes I've been wanting. I also eventually want to delve into gymnastics, but I think because it's unheard of in lazy-mexican Dade county it'd be grossly overpriced.

I also need to buy a road bike, skateboard, and camera. Just cause.

Maybe I should also learn to play an instrument for $$$. Just in case.

Liberal arts degrees are for the rich. So are the luxury degrees like English and Philosophy. That shit doesn't get you anywhere but what I wouldn't do to major in those. If I was tons more charismatic I might also be able to get away with finding a job afterward.

After these 6 months the idear (Brit pronounce) is to try for the school of architecture at FIU (or elsewhere?) and if rejected, try for New College, and if rejected, commence travel. FIU sucks too much to go for any other reason.

Woke up a bit ago and gotta go to work. When I get back from work I'll probably have to go to sleep right after. How can anyone live like this everyday?

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